How to Have a Career in Real Estate – FREE Event

Are you searching for a career that is exciting, fulfilling and fruitful? A career with longevity, that works around you and your families schedules, and provides amazing income?

Have you ever considered a career in Real Estate?

The team at Realty World – Greater Sacramento Properties located in Folsom, CA is hosting our first ever Real Estate seminar which will dive deep into the ins and outs of the Real Estate industry.

This FREE power-packed seminar is on Thursday, November 10th from 7:00pm – 9:00pm and will include information on:

  1. Understanding how to study for and obtain a Real Estate license
  2. Your first 90 days as a new Real Estate agent
  3. The best tips, tricks and tools for a successful career in the Real Estate field
  4. How to convert leads into active clients
  5. How to market and sell your fist listing
  6. How to negotiate competitively for your clients + how to get the most deals into contract
  7. What sets Realty World – Greater Sacramento Properties apart from other brokerages


The Realty World – Greater Sacramento Properties team is comprised of two Real Estate Brokers, one of which is a practicing Real Estate Lawyer, and three top ranking Real Estate agents in the country. Our team has trained and mentored multiple agents who have grown from 0 to 10+ transactions closed per month in their first year as licensed agents.

It is our mission to help those curious about a career in Real Estate understand what it goes into the process of becoming licensed and how to take your career to the next level, whether you are part-time or full-time.

This event seats 25 people. Do not miss this great opportunity to learn about the incredible Real Estate industry!

Meet the hosts and CEO’s of Realty World – Greater Sacramento Properties:

CEO/Broker, Real Estate Attorney – Matthew Corsaut.

  • Real Estate Broker 15 years
  • Over $100,000,000 in closed business
  • Licensed and practicing Real Estate Attorney.
  • Attorney for Real Estate agents statewide.

Matt Picture folded

CEO/Broker – Donavan Moore

Licensed Real Estate Broker for 15 years

  • Previously owned and operated high volume real estate appraisal company as head appraiser.
  • Licensed and certified residential appraiser through the state of California.
  • Completed over 5,000 appraisal assignments.

Former General Contractor

  • In business 7 years with emphasis on construction related to real estate transactions.
  • Completed rehab projects for high volume investors

Real Estate Investor

  • Completed over 15 “flips” as the owner, and construction company
  • Previous landlord and owner of investment property

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What makes Realty World – Greater Sacramento Properties different?

  1. Peace of Mind – A real estate transaction is the most expensive legal transaction that most everyone ever deals with in their lives.  A legal transaction worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is not something you want to leave to chance by hiring an inexperienced real estate agent when you can hire our CEO Matthew Corsaut, a licensed Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Attorney, for the same price.
  2. Practicing Attorney – CEO and Founder Matthew is the chief legal counsel for one of the largest real estate risk management services in California.  What that means is that he is the one who home-sellers and their real estate agents call when something has gone wrong in their transaction and they need to know what to do or how to fix their errors.  The benefit to you is that as an agent, Matt can prevent problems from occurring before they arise.
  3. Pricing Expertise – Statistical analysis has been a lifelong hobby of Matt’s. In fact, he has sold a statistical formula for valuing inventory to a national franchise. Matt has now taken his passion for statistical analysis and have developed one of the most comprehensive “comparable programs” in the industry.  One that allows our team to accurately price a potential client’s home so that it sells for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.  This is extremely important because if your client’s home is priced to high, it will result in languishing on the market and eventually bringing a lower price to you than had it been properly priced in the first place. Conversely, if your client’s home is priced to low, you will have left money on the table that otherwise would have ended up in your client’s pocket.
  4. Negotiation Expertise – Matt has saved his clients approximately $7,500 on average, per transaction, through top negotiation skills.  As a former owner of a franchise where he bought and sold items all day, every day from the public, he has negotiated over 30,000 times with the public.  That is experience our competition simply does not have.  In fact, Matt’s law school thesis was written on negotiations and he was awarded the Witken Award For Academic Excellence.
  5. Worldwide Marketing and support staff – As for marketing your client’s home, we specifically chose to purchase a Realty World franchise because their marketing is second to none when listing a home for sale. Our franchiser is owned by a group of young “techies” who have brokered deals with the largest real estate Internet sites in the world so that your listing will be immediately featured on sites such as Trulia, Zillow and  Your client’s home will blanket the Internet on hundreds of websites due to our affiliation with Realty World as opposed to most Realtors who will only list your home on anywhere from one to 10 websites. Additionally, on our team we have one of the most skilled and passionate young Real Estate marketers in the industry acting as not only our Marketing Director, but our Office Manager as well. As new or experienced agent on the team, Lexi Crump will assist you through every step of the marketing process for your clients, as well as assist you with any and every office need.

Join us Thursday, November 10th from 7:00pm – 9:00pm for this totally FREE event. Seats are very limited! Register your spot here.